"I am very happy with the support given."  September 2022

Good service provided."  September 2022

"Excellent services from all the members of the team that I work with.  Thank you."  September 2022  

"The SALTs are always very polite and cheerful and engage with the people we support and the staff team in a cheerful manner.  They are always willing to listen and give advice when staff ask for input.  A pleasure to work with all the SALTs that have been to our service." September 2022

"Kathryn has been a pleasure to work with.  She is always very responsive and updates me with any relevant information that is helpful in regard to my OT goals.  She takes on board information from the updates that I provide.  I feel the client has a much more positive experience due to this joined up multi-disciplinary working."  September 2022

"Each of the SALTs from JS&A I have worked with have been excellent - very approachable, highly skilled, flexible and really good clinicians.  Can't recommend them more highly."  September 2022

"Emily has proven to be a valuable addition to my client's MDT and she has been able to get up to speed with, and fit in the established MDT very quickly."  September 2022

"Izzie is a great asset to our team.  All the people we support love when Izzie has her sessions. she is polite, kind, friendly and makes staff and people we support very comfortable!  Thank you Izzie."  September 2022

"I work with Remy Scott and Honor Grimes ......They are outstanding therapists who are professional and have built a great relationship with their clients.  I am able to contact them any time regarding any queries/questions and they always respond in a timely manner."  September 2022

"Having worked with 5 of the SLTs in the company, I have been really impressed with all of them in their own ways and roles.  Robust back-up plans have been implemented to cover maternity leave etc and the manager takes an active role in supporting where required."  September 2022